Danelectro: Own the Tone

Founded by Nathan Daniel in 1947, Danelectro has made a name for itself as one of the most recognizable guitar brands in the United States. Initially marketed as both Danelectro and Silvertone, the low price tag on the guitars made them affordable for the average American household. However, the guitars always garnered respect in the music industry as rock icons like Link Wray, Jimmy Page, Elvis Costello and others performed on their prized Danos. The guitars were renowned for their lipstick single-coil pickups, Coke-bottle headstocks, unique body designs and bell-like tone. While the models currently produced still embrace the low prices and iconic features, the quality today is better than ever. Each Korean-built guitar is inspected and set up in California to ensure maximum quality and playability out of the box.

Danelectro’s line includes limited edition electric guitars, short-scale basses, baritones, left-handed models, and a baby sitar. Whatever your personal style of playing, there’s a Danelectro that will give you the tone you’re looking for – from classic and clean to vintage twang. With the flagship ’59’s wide range of retro colors, the new ’63’s stunning metal flake finishes, and the ’67 Heaven Hawk’s eye-catching alligator finishes, your Dano will stand out from the crowd on stage and at home in your personal collection.

Today, Danelectro is owned by the Evets Corporation and headquartered out of Camarillo, California. LPD Music has served as an exclusive wholesale U.S. distributor of select Danelectro models since 2010. For more information, call LPD Music today or check out the catalog listings below:


2015 Danelectro Models