Stand Out with Italia Guitars

In a world where homogenized guitar designs have become all too common, there’s no doubt that Italia’s more unconventional guitar and bass designs stand out as unique. If you’re ready to distance yourself from the crowd and forge your own path, then Italia is the line for you.

Italia Torino 15th-Anniversary Edition

Italia Guitars draws its inspiration from individual European guitar designs from the past four decades – particularly those from Italy. During the 1950s, 60s and 70s, Italian guitars featured some of the most “off the wall” designs out there. With names like Modena, Maranello, Mondial, and Fiorano, Italia evokes a rich history of speed and luxury. These guitars live up to their namesakes in both beauty and quality.

Italia’s designers imagined astonishing body shapes, and using uncharacteristic materials and unique switching, control and pickup layouts, they created a legacy of outstanding originality which Italia guitars embody today. An Italia guitar or bass demands attention in any venue or stage.

Conceived and designed by Trev Wilkinson, the man behind the development of Vintage, Fret-King and Encore’s line-up of best-selling instruments, Italia guitars offer stand-out looks, innovative arrangements, wide tone choice and superb playability.

With multiple pickup switching options and an almost-infinite capacity for tonal adjustments, guitarists and bassists who take the Italia route face an exciting voyage of uncharted sonic discovery.

Italia guitars are available to retailers in the U.S. exclusively through LPD Music International. Click here to view the 2015 color chart. Call us today for more information or check out the catalog listings below:

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