Paracho Elite

Paracho Elite Guitars are made in the legendary mountain village of Paracho — high in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. The artisans there have been perfecting their craft for more than 200 years, and many of the luthiers that work at the Paracho Elite shop are fourth and fifth generation musical instrument makers. These hand-crafted, quality guitars are made from some of the finest materials, and each guitar has its own unique styling and craftsmanship. More importantly, Paracho Elite Guitars produce a remarkable tone and are sought after by amateurs and music professionals alike.

Stringed instruments available from Paracho Elite include the bajo sexto, bajo quinto, requinto, cuatro, guittaron, tres, tiple and vihuela. Paracho Elite also manufactures an array of classical guitars. All Paracho Elite products are distributed exclusively through LPD Music International. For more information on the brand, contact us today or check out the catalog listings below: