LPD Music Welcomes new Buyer, Lauren Hill!

As you are probably aware, we have had a position change within our Purchasing Department. Elaine is relocating out of State because of her fiancée’s new job. While she will be missed, we wish her much luck on her new endeavor.

However, with that being said, we are very pleased to welcome Lauren Hill as our new Buyer! (Not to be confused with the former singer of the Fugees ϑ)

Lauren has been in purchasing, sales and distribution for over a decade. While she is new to the Music Industry, we know that she will be a good fit for LPD Music, because of the various positions that she has held from all levels of the organization. She is excited to be able to combine her love of music with her purchasing knowledge.

Her official start date was May 9th, however, she will be in training until May 16th, at which point she can be reached at 248-585-9630 ext. 122 or you may email her at

Lauren is looking forward to working with you to maintain the very enjoyable relationship that we have been so fortunate to share with you!